Twitch Streaming Times!

Greetings everyone!

As I continue to start the journey of playing new games, as well as betas and streaming them I decided it would be appropriate to make a schedule.  While I do have a Twitter and more to provide notifications, I believe a set schedule approach should help in my efforts and help you as well.

How the Schedule Helps

Since I have begun putting the schedule together, it's important to note how this will help you, my viewers keep up with when I will be streaming as well as what I will be streaming!  You can take a look at the calendar located here!  This will have a calendar showing the days I am streaming, the start time, the end time, and what game I'm streaming.  You are also able to copy it over to your calendar so you're able to get notifications approximately 10 minutes before I go LIVE!

This means that you'll never have to miss out on my stream or at least you won't be left in the dark as to what days I'll be LIVE.  You can also see what game I will be playing that day.

I hope to make a schedule that has me LIVE more than 3 days a week and I hope to provide you with some entertainment.  As of right now, I cannot currently do giveaways and such, but I do plan to have these in the future once I figure out how I want to do the giveaways.  If I ever get extra beta keys, they will go into my giveaways and entry into them will be determined at a later time.  But speaking of giveaways, they will be listed on the calendar!  So it's important you keep up if you want to know when they will be!

I of course will continue to tweet my go LIVE times and I hope you come and join me for some fun.  Feel free to talk to me, ask questions, I enjoy discussing pros and cons, the good and the bad, and just what really grinds my gears about games as I play, and I encourage you to join me and share your opinion as well.

I will continue to keep the calendar as up to date as I can and will work to see what more I can do to keep everyone in the loop when I go LIVE on Twitch.  I also hope to make events at some point where you can come play with me as well, and I will certainly be looking into that and monitoring feedback as time goes on.

Thanks again for all your support and I hope you enjoy!  

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