Rainbow 6 | Siege: Beta Extended

It's been an exciting week since the beta launch of Rainbow Six | Siege!  There's been a lot of feedback to the development staff and there's been a lot of play time between all systems.  In an exciting announcement yesterday, the team over at Rainbow Six decided to extend the beta yet again!  Originally thought to end on the 28th of September will not run through October 4th.  Here's some more details from their post:

  • Closed Beta extended through the rest of the weekend, ending on October 4th.
  • Starting today (9/30/2015), we will begin sending emails to all American and European players who have played at lease one match in the Closed Beta before 2:00 PM EST, Spetember 29th 2015.  These emails will contain immediate access codes that can be used by the players to get their friends in the beta.  Those keys will be the same platform as the player who qualified for friend referral.  For example, if a player plays on Xbox One, he will receive additional Xbox One keys for his or her friends.
  • There will be a Double Renown event starting Friday, 8:00PM EST with a 2x renown bonus.  This is a great change to unlock some more operators, attachments, and skins.
This is exciting news as I thought I was going to be SOL and have nothing to do this weekend besides attending a wedding.  But now I will probably be taking off Friday just to get some extra game time in!

It is a beta, so there have been a ton of bugs.  It can be a really upsetting experience when you encounter bugs that make the game unplayable.  But then there are some bugs which work to your advantage.  One such bug is shooting a wall that you're able to shoot through and it essentially disappears on your screen!  Makes it really easy for walling enemy AI that's for sure.

It's nice to see the team over at Rainbow Six listen to the community and even provide this opportunity.  Of course it also allows them more time to gather data.  This in the long run will help make the game even better at launch and needless to say, I'm super excited and cannot wait for December 1st to start playing Multiplayer.  

With that side note, Multiplayer is available now, however, Terrorist Hunt is currently part of The Siege Games.  What's that mean you ask?  Well, there are two open teams for the Siege Games which is a tournament held in San Diego.  I believe there's a total of 10 players who get high scores in Terrorist Hunt which will be given a trip out there to compete in the tournament.

That would be where all my time has gone because of this Siege Game tournament.  I doubt I'll make it, but I typically do pretty well, so I like to think that there may be a chance!  

That's all for now, I think I should probably get to work and do something productive before I get off work and plan to play for a solid 24 hours or so.  Good luck to everyone playing and a shout out to those providing feedback to the development team at Rainbow Six!

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Have a good day!

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