The giveaway is still underway but there's only about a week left to enter (at the time of writing this)!  If you haven't done so already, you can visit the Giveaway tab or you can even just enter below.

The experience I've gained from this single little promotion has actually got me fairly excited if I do say so.  With the amount of entries and all the tweets and retweets, I must say this will certainly not be my last giveaway.  If anything, I plan to do at least one giveaway every month!  This could be a game, a CSGO skin, a Steam gift card, who knows.

All of the feedback I've received is all very nice and encouraging as well.  So I would like to thank everyone for that!

I won't ramble on anymore, if you came here for the giveaway, please enter below!  Or you can head over to the Main Giveaway Page to enter.  Either one works!

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