Star Wars Battlefront Beta

We are just a day and hours away from the Star Wars Battlefront Beta that will be taking place on October 8th 2015.  While I can't say this was a game I was looking forward to, I am glad it will give me something to play around with while I continue to wait for the release of a few games I'm pretty excited for such as Fallout 4 and of course Rainbow Six | Siege.

There is a lot of buzz about this game and from the looks of it, it should be pretty good.  EA has been working hard to make this game something it should be, which should be epic if we know anything about Star Wars in general.  Though I'm not sure what to expect as I haven't been keeping up too much with it, but from what I understand their website/forum is supposed to be impressive.
While I can't go into much detail currently as I haven't been keeping up (but I will try to fix that), the Playstation blog has a nice little "FAQ" if you will that outlines some of the important questions.  These include the download size, when it is, registering (you don't have to), and end date.

There is also a lot of information as to what is in the beta exactly such as level cap, game modes, and more.  I encourage you to check it out if you are going to be playing on the PS4.  If you plan to play on PC, you can find various requirements for the PC over at PCGamer.  From EA news you can get essentially all the same information just at the source.

Even though the beta starts on the 8th, some big shots received early access to the beta and are streaming live on Twitch.  You can find a bunch of streams for the Star Wars Battlefront beta on Twitch even as I'm writing this!  I myself plan to start watching soon as I begin to prepare for the epicness that this beta should be.

To those who will be participating in the beta, I hope to see you on the battlefield!  I hope you're ready for some fun!

Feel free to drop a comment, share, or like this post and check back for more information and experiences from the battlefront.
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