Star Wars Battlefront Beta: Extended

Yesterday EA announced they were extending the Star Wars Battlefront beta for another day to give EA time to further test their infrastructure and in hopes to "find some extreme scenarios" which for us means possibly losing connectivity or being booted out of matches.  This extra day as they state, is being performed to ensure the infrastructure for the launch on November 17th 2015.
This is good news mostly for many of us who had a busy week/weekend and haven't had much time to play.  I myself plan to play again to see if I can get some more specific feedback for my future post regarding my final thoughts on the game.

All in all, the beta itself has been very smooth, I haven't had much trouble since the start finding matches and getting to play.  There may have been a time or two where I've lost connection or had connectivity issues.  But there are various things within the game itself that urge me to no end.  I won't go into detail, but clipping.  The clipping in this game is typically the death of me if I'm ever on the ground.

As of right now, I plan to review the  and  to gather what information has been most discussed in terms of the feedback provided to make sure I include some of that information in my final thoughts post.  I suggest if you're interested in the game, or have been playing, you hop on over there and provide your feedback as well.  With my final thoughts posting I will be providing all my feedback via one or the other (or both).

Once this beta is over, I'll have no idea what to do with myself, so here's to hoping for another extension, though unlikely, it would be nice!  Since that's probably not going to happen though, what will you be playing?  What would you want to watch?  Please leave a comment below!

Until next time, and may the force be with you!

Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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