Good day everyone!

If you were wondering where I've been, or even if you haven't, I'm going to tell you anyways.  I've been preparing myself for the launch of Black Ops 3!  While the release date is a busy day for me as I work hard to keep my girl friend happy on her birthday, the weekend that follows will be filled with plenty of play time.

Alongside the release, or a day later rather, marks the start of the Extra Life Charity 24 Hour Marathon Live Stream which I'll be doing on Twitch.  I'll be playing BO3 for the most part unless someone who donates money wishes that I play a different game for awhile.  It's been awhile since I've played a Call of Duty game as Advanced Warfare was the first one I didn't buy in many many years.

As I continue to prep, and stock up on snacks and Monster to fuel my rage passion for these games I hope you're as ready as I am.  Please come join me on November 7th where I'll be starting my live stream on Twitch roughly at 8 AM EST and then I'll be going for 24 hours at the very least to help raise some money.  If you don't wish to donate or cannot afford to do so, even just tuning in or having my stream on one of your devices will help to boost my viewer count to get me higher on the board so more people are able to see that I'm online.

It looks like it will be a fun adventure and a great time!  I hope you will join me as I game away and try to raise some money to help the sick kids of Johns Hopkins Children Hospital!

You can find my stream on Twitch
You can make a donation from my page on Extra Life

Until next time!

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