About me

Good day everyone!

My name is Benjamin Welker and welcome to my blog!

This page is going to be an about me post which I'll update from time to time with various information about me that may change.  As of right now (hopefully this doesn't change ever), I'm a father of a beautiful little girl.  I currently work in IT and while I enjoy my job, I can't say I enjoy video games.  It's more of my passion and I've been playing them for as long as I can remember.

When I was younger I became very much addicted to Counter Strike (but in a good way).  I use to play for hours on end, dominating with high scores and clutch moments.  This evolved and I went on to playing many other games ranging from various platforms.  Some of the games which most stuck out to me in my gaming journey were:

  • Counter Strike (1.6, CZ, Source, GO)
  • Dynasty Warriors (back before then even made a second, or third, or ninth one now?)
  • Super Smash (N64)
  • Zelda (OoT, MM)
  • Mario Kart (N64)
There were many others I'm sure, but I could spend days trying to list them all, let alone remember with my awful memory.

When I started I was playing games everyone usually played, such as Zelda and Mario Kart.  But when I moved into the FPS realm with Counter Strike, I essentially ascended to a new level of gaming.  I began to want to compete.  I owned servers and played with some really great and memorable people who I will never forget!

I eventually moved onto Left 4 Dead and competed in this as well when CAL (Cyber Athletic League) was still a thing.  My thirst for victory was great but I never managed to succeed unfortunately.  This may have been due to my MMO phase where I played Final Fantasy XI for many years and well very much vested in my character and didn't wish to give up my time to another game.  Eventually I moved to Final Fantasy XIV where I spent another few years.

Which, in short, brings me to now.  Where I wish to get back into the realm of first person shooters and gather some type of following.  While I do wish to compete again, I want to have fun first and foremost.  I invite everyone to join me on the fun journey that I'll be taking in gaming as I begin to play a variety of games.

All of this between being a father and working full time and maybe even one day going back for a Masters or PHD (we'll see).

I do apologize for any rambling or tangents I may take from post to post as I'm not a strict type of person with any order (well some I guess).  But my main goal is to have fun and bring some readers/viewers along the way!

Thank you for reading and joining me on this endevour!

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