Rainbow 6 | Siege: My Thoughts on the Closed Beta

As some of you may know, the closed beta for Rainbow 6 | Siege started last week on the 24th!  I will be splitting this post into a couple sections.  Firstly, I will discuss how I felt about Ubisoft's deployment of their closed beta.  I will then go on to discuss my actual thoughts about the game such as game play and matchmaking in another post.

To jump right into it, Ubisoft decided to take their closed beta which was originally supposed to run for close to two weeks, was then cut down to a mere 4 days!  As the Rainbow 6 community went into an uproar over this, the worst was yet to be seen.  As the closed beta began, Ubisoft decided to deploy their beta keys in waves rather than all at once.  Now this may sound logical for a beta test, but it was anything but.  Ubisoft stated their priority system or at the very least, that those who pre-ordered the game would get their keys first, followed by those who submitted beta codes from sites such as NVIDEA or Amazon.  However, this didn't work out as well as they had planned.  I myself pre-ordered but did not receive my key at all!  I did eventually get a key but not from my pre-order, but because I must have entered about 10 different beta codes in hopes of getting a beta key.

Now the Rainbow 6 community was even more furious as this was not something that only I experienced.  You had some people who didn't pre-order that were in the closed beta playing, some who were major online streamers or gamers, and then you had a majority of pre-ordered players who received nothing.  It was a real shame and it felt like many of us were going to just be at a loss until Ubisoft got their act together.

Needless to say, I canceled my pre-order through GameStop.  I found a post from one of the Rainbow 6 Community Reps who stated if you pre-ordered on a console (PS4 in my case), it would be available for download, so I did just that.  As a side note, I thought the Rainbow 6 Community Managers/Reps did an OK job at showing up and bringing as information as they could.  Many complained that they were not, however, you have to understand that when a rep can only release so much information as that's all they have, you have to suck it up.  You cannot expect the reps to provide an answer to over one thousand players all posting at the same time.

Back to my point though, the information the rep provided!  Sure enough it worked at Friday by roughly 3 PM EST I was in!  I threw up my stream and went to work.

From not playing a Rainbow 6 game since PS2 maybe?  I decided to just jump right in on Terrorist Hunt and picked Realistic because is there a better way to learn than having an AI shoot you in the face as you try to figure out what button you use to aim.  Of course the buttons aren't that much different than any other console FPS, but it's been awhile.  Not to mention the AI on the realistic setting is actually fairly difficult sometimes, and I like a challenge.

That's it for now though!  In my next post I'll discuss my actual thoughts on the game itself.  Such as strategy, teamwork, guns, matchmaking, classes and probably more.

As my first official blog post, I would like to thank anyone for reading and joining me.  My shameless plugs will always sit at the bottom of my posts as I try to grow my viewer base.

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Of course, keep an eye on my blog for more to come.  Thanks again for reading!  Feel free to leave me a comment or ask any questions you may have.  Just please remember to be courteous!
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