Rainbow 6 | Siege: Final Thoughts On The Closed Beta

Today marks the day that the Rainbow Six | Siege Beta comes to an end.  While I believe at the time of writing this the servers are still up, I'm stuck at work and unable to play.  With that being the case, I figured it's probably about time to write a follow up to my thoughts on the game and the experiences I had.

For starters, aside from all the bugs, matchmaking, and disconnects/errors this was by far the most fun game I have played in awhile.  The main reason I found it fun was the team that I got to be apart of.  During my play time I met a few players who were on my level and we had a lot of fun.  We were able to enjoy the game but also get down and become very tactical when the time came.  We had set strategy's for each map which we used to dominate Terrorist Hunt on the Realistic setting.  What was really fun is that no game was ever the same.  There was always something that happened which was unexpected.  I would like to thank the AI for this.  While there is some predictability, if someone missed a shot and went down, the entire dynamic began to change.

Once we got comfortable we did what was probably the most fun, a team of all players on Recruit using shotguns at the house map.  This was probably my favorite experience because it was actually a lot harder than we thought it would be.  It's as if the AI knew we all had shotguns and would rush us much more than usual, or at least that's how it felt.  If I had to rate the game play alone excluding certain bugs I would give it a 9/10.  Why only a 9?  Because bombers that's why.  I like the challenge of the bomber, but I don't like that they can blow me up behind a solid brick wall.  The same thing happened with a grenade to.  Maybe it was the latency, I'm not sure, but it was annoying!

I believe what makes this game better or different I should say is that you have to be very cautious when moving and clearing rooms.  You have to work as a team, be able to cover not only your own ass, but your teams as well.  I enjoyed the challenge and being able to communicate with my team and work as a unit.  Moving around the maps and using certain tactics in certain areas on certain maps.  It was a lot of fun and it really felt like your squad was going into it together.

Now in terms of available guns and classes obviously it's only a beta, so I can't complain.  I wish there would have been more attackers as all I did was play Terrorist Hunt the entire time beta was live.  However, I know this will change, more will be added in time.  Hopefully additional guns are added as well, because the choices were pretty slim.  You can only use each gun for so long before you wish you had more variety.  For instance, I would have loved to have an attacker with a sub machine gun.  But I can't hold this against them as I know what the beta was for.  It was for them to test their servers and make sure everything will hold up on release day, and that all major bugs are found so they can be resolved in time for the release.

If I had to recommend this game, I obviously would.  But only if you're into working as a team and being able to communicate and play smart.  I also highly recommend a headset otherwise you'll find yourself getting shot in the ass more times than you can count.  Or possibly blown up without hearing the bomber sneaking up from behind!

I for one am extremely excited for the release of this game and hope to continue to play with some of the players I met throughout the course of the beta.  I also hope to play competitively, though at first I was unsure how I felt about that.  But after playing the beta, I can say this seems like it would be the game that I would want to go all in for.  Especially with all the maps to come with the release!

At the end of the beta I made it to level 60, unlocked all the attackers (not defenders as I only player Terrorist Hunt), and unlocked many of the attachments and camos for the weapons.  I must say the shark camo for the F2 on Twitch greatly improved the gun for me personally.  Aside from bugs and connection issues here and there, it actually wasn't too bad and it was playable and I had a good time.  If I had to pick a favorite class, Twitch obviously would be my go to right along side Fuze with the AK 12 being extremely powerful with very little recoil.  Plus Fuze having heavy armor helps him take more damage than Twitch, but of course he moves much slower and is a little larger making him an easier target.

My absolute final thought about this game is that it is just fantastic.  It's the best tactical first person shooter I have player in a long time, possibly ever but it's too early and I haven't had enough coffee to think that through completely.  Plus it's only a beta, so that opinion may change, but probably not with what I have seen so far!

I encourage you to leave a comment or connect with me and ask me anything (preferably related to Rainbow Six | Siege).  I would be happy to answer questions and provide additional information as necessary.

I plan to work through my previous twitch stream and highlight that win with all shotguns at some point, so feel free to check that out if you want to see us win with that setup.  Otherwise, find the ones of us getting brutally murdered over and over again at least 5 times trying to use all shotguns.

Until next time, have a good day!
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