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Happy Friday!

Less than a month from now, more specifically November 7th of 2015, Extra Life will be hosting their yearly gaming event.  If you don't know what that is, head on over to Extra Life's website an you can take a look for yourself at a lot more information!

In short, every year thousands of gamer's come together and stream for 24 hour marathons to help raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  Donations are taken in and all proceeds are given to these wonderful foundation.  If you're a member and help to raise money, you get to choose a specific children's hospital where your donations will be put.  For instance, since I reside in Maryland, I decided to choose Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

As a father who would be devastated if my daughter got seriously sick, I'm delighted and thankful that this charity provides such a wonderful way to support many children's hospitals, even my local one!

If you are unsure what Extra Life is or know nothing about it, I encourage you to visit their website.  If you already know what it is and you are a streamer and a member who raises money to contribute, I salute you!  If you are someone who wishes to donate, you can do so through various participants pages, team pages, or even my own shameless plus of a page.

I myself plan to participate in the event this year on November 7th and stream for as close to 24 hours as I can.  I encourage you to tune in at my Twitch channel where there's some additional information regarding some "prizes" provided by myself for donating, including a raffle!  If you're not into games and you just want to donate, you may do so any time between now and the end of the year if I'm not mistaken.

The Impact Gaming Community (IGC) is also participating this year as they did last year!  I will be joining in under their team as we work to reach a total of $1,500 in donations.  Each year Impact Gaming raises more and more money.  Last year IGC raised a total of $1,116 thanks to everyone who donated.  It's a wonderful thing that they do over there and I'm proud to say that I'm able to be apart of it.  IGC's Extra Life group is organized by IGC's own founder or better known as Grey Jorildyn.

My goal is to raise $500, my goal is low, but my hopes are high that people are in a giving mood.  I mean, it's for the children, and even if you don't like children that much, is it really fair they get sick?  What if you were a child and you got sick?

I am trying to get the word out there, so if you would kindly share this post, or the link to my Extra Life page, I would be most appreciated.  But if you want to go the extra mile and donate even just a single dollar, it would mean the world to the children.

Will you be participating in Extra Life this year?  Will you be donating (doesn't matter to who/where)?  What are your thoughts on this method of raising money?  I personally think it's amazing, but maybe you don't?  Share your thoughts and this post below!

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